The fine art of engineering and craftsmanship.

Individual and exclusive. These two hallmarks have been inextricably associated with Leica for more than 100 years. Expressions that bear witness to a century of invaluable expertise, inexhaustible passion, and unrivaled quality. Expressions that naturally also apply to the Leica T Camera System.

When Germany’s most renowned virtues come together in a uniquely innovative form, the result is a Leica – the Leica T.

Four basic control elements. One touchscreen. The Leica T needs nothing else. When Leica designed the T, they stopped leaving things out when there was nothing left that you could do without.

The result: a camera that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. A camera you’ll be able to shoot with from the first moment on. A camera that adapts in an instant to any shooting situation. Thanks to the logical, intuitive, and ergonomic layout of its controls. Thanks to the quick change between automatic and manual modes. Never before has it been so easy to understand a camera. And use it. The Leica T is designed to let you enjoy your creative freedom to the fullest.

Simple to use and brilliantly designed.

Although Leica reduced everything about the Leica T to the bare essentials, they stopped when they got to the touchscreen display. In fact, the particularly generous proportions of the screen take up almost the entire back of the camera. To guarantee you complete control, just by touching the screen. To focus on your subject and compose your picture with your fingertip. To view and check your pictures. 

With exceptional dynamic range and the best detail rendition. In any light. Just as generous: the clear display and intuitive layout of the menu items. Precise and instant response at a touch. Everything you need at a glance. And everything under control.

Leica lenses are synonymous with the highest level of optical quality made in Germany. They are considered to be the world’s best. A seal of excellence that also applies to the new lenses for Leica T. These lenses benefit from the vast experience and expertise gathered over more than 150 years of designing and constructing high-precision optical instruments.

These two high-performance zoom lenses are as fast as they come and a perfect addition to the Leica T Camera System portfolio. A wide- angle zoom with equivalent focal lengths from 17 to 35 mm and a telephoto zoom covering the equivalent range from 80 to 200 mm. Discover two zoom lenses with outstanding imaging performance in typical Leica quality.

System compatibility has a long tradition at Leica: The M-Adapter T* allows the Leica T to access the lenses of the Leica M-System and enjoy a range of lenses considered to be the very best lenses for 35mm photography the world has ever seen. And now, more than 20 of these legendary lenses can be used on your Leica T. To ensure that the Leica T recognizes the M-Lenses, the M-Adapter T* features a sensor for 6-bit coded Leica M-Lenses. This ensures that camera functions like exposure metering, aperture priority AE, and manual settings are available without any compromises.

Easy-click. Easy going.

Unique in the world of cameras: the easy-click system of the Leica T. Thanks to this brilliantly innovative system, accessories can be attached to the Leica T with style and grace, with a stainless-steel pin that is simply slotted into the click-lock mechanism of the camera.

Carrying strap/hand strap

The design and colours of the carrying strap and hand strap are perfectly matched to the modern Snap T and Flap T accessories. Both are attached in a flash to the Leica T with the unique easy-click system.

Snap T

The sleek protector with individual style. The Snap T offers premium protection from scratches and knocks. In four stylish colours, too.

Flap T

The Flap T is the ideal complement to the Snap T. It’s just as unique. And just as practical. A quick twist, and the Flap T clicks into the Snap T.

SHOP - Leica T (Type 701) silver body

SHOP - Leica T (Type 701) silver body

SHOP - Leica T black body

SHOP - Leica T black body