The Leica S-System was conceived from the ground up as a purely digital camera system and was built with the precise needs of professional photographers in mind.

It is the smallest medium-format camera and offers impressively easy handling, extreme robustness, excellent imaging quality and perfect matching of all its components.


The lenses are crucial when it comes to the quality of any camera system. All S-System lenses have been built to achieve nothing less than maximum optical performance. With perfect reproduction of colour and skin tone, unrivalled contrast rendition, precisely calibrated focusing, and perfectly drawn bokeh, you can always rely on flawless image quality regardless of aperture or distance.


More than a century after the Ur-Leica made 35mm motion-picture film suitable for photography, the Leica S makes a digital medium format camera suitable for cinematography. Whether with S-Lenses or adapted lenses from other medium-format systems, the phenomenal image quality of the S-System is no less exciting when shooting video. The dedicated video button allows the camera to be used easily for both stills and movie footage.

The Leica S-System enjoys a special status in the medium format range, with the Leica S tapping into brand-new areas of application for medium-format photography. The new Leica max sensor provides the necessary leap forward (unique to medium-format cameras) in terms of resolution and dynamic range, whereas Leica pro-format gives the pixels the space they need to produce the high quality results required by professionals.

The Leica S is the culmination of CMOS technology with the Leica pro-format max Sensor, enabling video recordings, live view, and an unprecedented image quality. The new sensor increases the dynamic range by up to 15 stop increments, thus expanding the tonal range between highlights and shadows even further.

The three-inch monitor screen with 921,600 pixels is no longer merely used to navigate menus and inspect images once they have been taken. It boasts screen protection in the form of scratch-resistant corning® gorilla® glass and lets you display up to 60 frames per second with a wide viewing angle of 170° in Live View mode.



All the hallmarks of the S-System are reflected in the Leica S-E. Of the two cameras that make up the
S-System; the Leica S-E is made exclusively for classic photography. From enhanced autofocus through to a redesigned body, the S-E has been given a comprehensive revamp and now continues the success story of the Leica S-System.

Leica's tried-and-true CCD technology, which has been perfected in the sensor of the Leica S-E, guarantees sharp, clear images that require a bare minimum of digital post-processing for an exceptionally natural appearance. The light sensitivity of the CCD sensor ensures that image noise is kept low, giving you the opportunity to capture your subject in its full dynamic range.