M System

Leica M Monochrom 18MP B&W Sensor Black


Digital rangefinder camera

Leica has a long history of providing black and white film photographers with the best cameras in the world. Now, the M Monochrom brings that tradition into the digital age, with a sensor made specifically for capturing stunning black and white images.
The magic lies in the colour filter array, or lack thereof. Most cameras have an array of red, green, and blue filters in front of each pixel on the sensor. By foregoing this array, the M Monochrom captures only luminance information with each pixel, producing images that are much sharper than possible with any colour camera.
As with any Leica, the build quality and handling of the M Monochrom are legendary, with a full magnesium alloy housing and brass top deck and base plate. This is photography distilled to the very essence: direct controls of shutter speed and aperture, married to a solid body crafted in Germany.

Note: lens sold separately



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